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Design and Fabrication

Sculptures and Artworks

Our team of specialists are able to design any artwork and sculptures that you wish to fabricate into reality. Our project team would then analyse the installation site so as to plan ahead and provide for a recommendation on how the installation works will be carried out. This would thus ensure a smooth transition from the design and fabricating phase of the sculpture to the installation of the artwork at site.

We provide a comprehensive list of services for your needs. We have the experience and expertise in dealing with a wide array of materials like:

- Acrylic
- Aluminium
- Brass
- Bronze
- Copper
- Fiber-glass
- Natural Stone
- Poly-foam Artworks
- Resin
- Stainless Steel
- Steel
- Stone Carving
- Wood

Landmark Precinct Marker

A landmark precinct marker distinguishes itself at the residential site, therefore, our creative team is able to assist in recommending and fabricating the ideal precinct marker that matches the profile of the project. Therefore it is important to find the right team for you to build, design and install the landmark precinct marker to ensure that all requirements are met, resulting in distinct satisfaction.

Water-feature artworks and sculptures

A distinctive water-feature is one that is unique and at the same time is able to create the effect of awe in the viewer. Through the implementation of artwork and sculptures with the water-feature, we are able to further enhance the aesthetic aspect of the water-feature. Elements of nature can be designed to allow Feng-Shui to bring in prosperity, wealth, health and great success at the location.

GFRC Works

With our technological advances in Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC), we are able to fabricate any types of design.

Advantages of GFRC:

- Durability
- Termite-proof
- Low-maintenance
- Fire resistance
- Damp proof
- Environmentally friendly

Artificial Rock

We are also a specialist in carving artificial rocks that can beautify your landscap​e garden where you are able to customise freely on the artificial rock. The advantages of an artificial rock is that it's mobility is ensured as it is lighter.

Imprint Works

We are able to imprint your design or requirement into the form of tiles, walkways, columns and feature-wall where you can represent the theme of the project in the form of an imprint. We understand such importance and therefore is able to assist in crafting a distinct imprint that helps to create that goal for you in the project.


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