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Daniel Teng

Creative Director

Mr Daniel Teng graduated from the Nanyang University with a  Bachelor of Arts.

He began his creative endeavours through interactions with friends and mentors that shared his interest - a great passion in arts. Through his dedication and hardwork, he have carved out a successful niche in the design and fabrication of environmental art.


With nearly 16 years of vast experience, Mr. Teng's meticulous work ethics and design concept ensures every project presented by the client is covered in great detail and depth from the start and end of the developing phase. It has always been his idealogy to fulfil the objective of the project to it's fullest potential; bringing forth good qualiy work and value to his dear clients.

Rosihan Dahim

Surrealist Artist

Mr. Rosihan Dahim's art is inspired by his personal experiences and readings of the French and Spanish revolutions, Dadaism and the Surrealist movements. He was also captivated by stories of World War I and II as told by his father who fought in battle alongside the British army during the Japanese occupation in Singapore.

Born in Singapore to an Indonesian family, Rosihan is a graduate of the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore. With the introduction of his first Matchstick painting series in his first solo show at the National Museum Art Gallery in 1980, his works have been shown in many exhibitions in Singapore, UAE and Japan. Rosihan was awarded 2nd prize in the Ocean Artist of the Year (2010). He recently participated in the Elephant Parade in 2011, and Chairity 2012, in support of the Singapore Cancer Society.

Chen Ji Bing​​

Master Artist

Mr. Chen is a celebrated master artist from Nanjing, China that graduated from 浙江美术学院, the now 中国美术学院.

Naturally talented and gifted in the skills of fine art, specialising in landmark city sculptures, Mr. Chen have worked in numerous projects that are of great scale and depth, most notably in his Giant Buddha work in collaboration with the Mynammar Government.

With almost 25 years of experience in his craft, Mr. Chen acts as a consultant and Master artist for Hong Hai Environmental Art, sharing his wealth of knowledge and experience ensuring that each project is completed flawlessly and successfully.


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